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DjVu.js program library

About DjVu.js

DjVu.js is a program library for working with djvu online. It's written in JavaScript and can be run in the web browsers without any connection with the server. DjVu.js can be used for splitting djvu files, rendering pages of djvu document, converting (and compressing) images into djvu documents and for analyzing of metadata of djvu documents. Also, it can download and bundle indirect (multi-file) djvu document into one file.

All source code is available on GitHub

In order to demonstrate the abilities of the library, I decided to create the DjVu.js Viewer. The main idea is to create a plug-in that can be easily included to any web page.

If you have any questions, feel free to create an issue on GitHub, or write me at the email:

If you have a djvu document that can't be rendered by the DjVu.js Viewer, please send it to me. It's very important, since the djvu format is quite complicated, and I didn't test all code of my library, since I just don't have appropriate examples of djvu files.

And, of course, any contribution is welcome :)